Create a code generator with protoc

Posted on 08 May 2021 - 2 min read

If your system happens to have a microservices architecture, you may find it repetitive to scaffold new services or to add new endpoints. In such scenarios, Protocol Buffer emerges to be an excellent choice for writing API contracts and generating code. However, you sometimes may want to add a custom code but you're not sure how to to that. Actually, it's quite simple with `protoc` though. In this post, we will walk through how to create a code generator with protoc. [Read more]

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Safely Use Go Context to Pass Data

Posted on 10 April 2021 - 2 min read

Go context is an excellent and controversial feature. It's handy to pass data to deep level functions without exploding the complexity of codes. However, its convenience could also be a source of bugs in your program. This post will discuss one common problem when using Go context. [Read more]

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Prepare for system design interviews

Posted on 11 February 2021 - 2 min read

Many people are afraid of system design interviews as there's normally no certain pattern to prepare for and the question is open-ended, unpredictable, and quite flexible. Therefore, there's usually no standard or correct answer which makes the preparation process even harder. This post will cover how you prepare for system design interviews and what interviewers expect from you. [Read more]

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Buying ADA (Cardano) in Singapore

Posted on 29 December 2020 - 1 min read

In order to take the first step into the Cardano world, you will need to buy some ADA. Unfortunately, buying ADA in Singapore is not as straightforward as it can be. In this post, I brief one of the easiest/cheapest methods of buying ADA in Singapore. [Read more]

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